Property Management

"When there is good communication and an established relationship between tenant and property manager, they will in-turn respect your investment."

The Core of My Business

I consider Property management to be the core of my business. I truly enjoy interacting with each tenant, while getting to know them. I believe that establishing a good relationship with each tenant is the first priority in effective property management. When there is good communication and an established relationship between tenant and property manager, they will in-turn respect your investment. As a property owner, I am meticulous about the way I maintain my properties and take pride in providing that level of service to each owner.

Is Overland Property Services the right choice for your Investment Property?

Personalized Service

Overland Property Services offers personalized property management. I believe that its important to offer customized services. I understand that some owners want to have involvement in the day to day management of their property. While other owners prefer a more hands off approach to their investment. Whatever your needs, I enjoy working with each owner to meet their expectations.


I understand the frustration of having a property manager that doesn't respond to your email, phone and text inquiries. A break down in communication is a leading reason that business relationships fail. That is why I strive to provide a timely response to all of your inquiries


Centered around an advanced web based property management platform and the usage of mobile devices, Overland Property Services is able to offer Personalized service and Strong Communication. I have partnered with the web based property management platforms Buildium and Tenant Turner, to offer owners and tenants a streamline and modern experience.


Buildium is a comprehensive property management platform that enables me to accurately and efficiently manage tenants and properties. Through an integrated tenant and property data base, maintenance management platform and customized book keeping platform. 

Tenant Turner is a web based rental listing service for creating customized rental listings that are syndicated out to numerous online apartment search engines. To include, but not limited to Zillow, Trulia,, and HotPads. The syndication ensures that your rentals are getting maximum online traffic by potential renters.


Are you tired of delinquent rent payments? Through the integration of Electronic Funds Transfer and automated reminders. Overland Property Services has seen a drastic reduction in the number of late rent payments and an increase in early payments.

Three Tier Service

Comprehensive Leasing Services

  • Wide angle photography to showcase your listing.

  • Syndicated listings ensure your rental is seen on the most popular search engines.

  • Automated scheduling prescreens renters and reduces no shows and wasted time.

  • Online applications streamline the process while syncing with leases and book keeping.

  • Comprehensive Credit Check, Criminal History, Eviction, Background, Rental History and Employment & Income Verification.

  • eLeasing simplifies and accelerates the leasing process. The cloud keeps your leases safe and available from mobile devices.

  • While receiving rent on time is Certainly a priority, finding a tenant with the highest paying job is not always the most important factor. Finding the "Right" personality can be equally as important when searching for tenants. 

Investment Property Management

  • Tiered of wasting you time and sanity dealing with silly complaints and bickering tenants? I'm not, I enjoy getting to know tenants so that I can solve problems

  • The online Tenant Portal allows tenants to pay rent online, submit maintenance requests and view documents such as leases, LC 142's and Move-In inspections.

  • The Owner Login allows you to see who has not paid rent, view financial reports and monitor the status of your property.

  • Automation and applications maintain accurate records and keep me efficient. 

  • Available 24 hours a day to address any emergency that may arise.

Financial Management

  • For the property owner who is looking for complete property management, Overland Property Services offers experienced financial management Services.

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) reduces late payments and often results in early payment due to automated reminders.

  • E-Pay and e-check streamlines the financial management process, while syncing transactions with account ledger.

  • Online portal allows owners to access real time financial statements 24 hours a day.